If you are happy with a plan/policy that provides protection in the event of a fire or theft and DOES NOT cover in the event of a breakdown or repair, then Caravan Insurance could be the answer for you.

If however, after making a substantial investment in your chosen leisure product, you want to avoid the stress, inconvenience and expense associated with the mechanical failure of major components, you need an Extended Warranty Plan.

Leisure Warranties offers a mechanical breakdown Warranty Plan that provides peace of mind and protection when things go wrong.

Industry intelligence confirms that leisure industry products, such as,Caravan’s, Motorhomes are typically used in an irregular or infrequent pattern. Perhaps you go away for weekends and take the odd occasional one or two week holiday here and there? It is this stop/start usage that can lead to failures and breakdowns of the cooker, the heating system and the refrigeration unit. It can even be down to the sites you pitch up at. Do they offer mains electric or do you have to switch over to your own gas supply?

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If you are still unsure, ask yourself a question; if the refrigeration unit fails, not only do you have the potential cost of replacement food, but how much would a new refrigeration unit cost? The answer is anything from £600 to £900! If the gas regulator valve fails, quite often as a result of weather, damp or frost whilst sat idle in winter months, how much would it cost to diagnose the fault, including call-out cost for the engineer, and replacement of this small, simple component? Probably in the region of £120-150.

In our opinion, having spent your hard-earned money on the purchase of a Caravan or Motorhome, it makes perfect sense to secure that investment, to ensure you can enjoy those once in a lifetime experiences with complete peace of mind, knowing that if something goes wrong Leisure Warranties is on hand to deal with any breakdown problems, to diagnose faults and to keep you moving.