We strongly recommend undertaking a HABITATION SERVICE every twelve months. This ensures your vehicle is in good working order and meets the very latest industry standards for gas and electrical safety, enabling you to enjoy your vehicle, free from worry about things that can and often will go wrong.

The HABITATION SERVICE identifies areas of concern which could cause excessive damage and huge repair bills such as damp resulting from water ingress. Having a regular service also extends the life of major components, for example, fridge, cooker, heating system/appliances, gas fire, circuit boards and pumps.



  • Provides you with peace of mind
  • Protects the value of your investment/vehicle
  • Helps you to obtain the best possible re-sale value in the future.

It can be conducted by one of our nationwide Repairer/Engineers. Alternatively, if you prefer we can appoint, subject to their possessing appropriate industry approved accreditation/qualifications, your very own local, trusted Repairer/Engineer to undertake the work on your behalf.



A SERVICE PLAN can only be requested when purchased in conjunction with either a WARRANTY or BREAKDOWN & RECOVERY. A SERVICE PLAN cannot be purchased on it’s own.